Goal Setting Tips For Success

At LIV Fitness in Dublin, CA, new members get a session with personal trainers. A trainer will help you create a program to reach your goals, whether it’s weight loss, more endurance or any other fitness goal. Setting goals help keep you on track. They provide a measurement of your success and let you know when you’ve made progress. It provides the direction so trainers can create a program to help you reach that destination quickest. Here are some goal setting tips for success.

Use the SMART technique.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative and Time-Bound. The first step to creating any goal is to have a goal that’s specific and measurable, such as “I will to lose 15 pounds,” not vague like, “I want to be thinner.” It should matter to you, meaning it should be relevant. It should be time-bound and attainable, If you wanted to lose those 15 pounds in two months, it’s both attainable and time-bound. SMART goals give you a specific direction, motivation and a way to identify when you’ve reached your goal.

Big goals are exciting, but small goals are motivating.

If you’re completely out of shape, running ten miles is probably out of the question, but it does sound exciting. Running a block isn’t nearly as exciting, but it’s something you can achieve quickly to keep you motivated. You need both. Start with a big goal and break it down to smaller, more easily achieved ones. You’ll have build your confidence and motivation by achieving a smaller goal and moving to the next smaller one and experience the excitement of going forward toward your larger goal.

Remember you can change your goals or create new ones building on them.

Sometimes, goals need to be changed. Either you outgrew your original goal, have moved in a new direction or accomplished those original goals. Maybe you set a goal for your workout and accomplished it the first two weeks, do you simply quit there? No, you regroup and set a new goal that’s harder. You can change goals as you grow and change. If your goal was to walk 30 minutes a day, but you became so fit, it’s not a challenge, add a new goal, such as walking 20 minutes a day and running ten minutes, alternating between the two. Always keep your goals relevant and motivating.

  • Make sure your goal is something you can control. You can’t make yourself a foot taller, make your feet smaller or have a Barbie doll figure—which would be 39″-18″-33″ if she were human. Keep your goals realistic and something you can control.
  • Enjoy reaching your goal. Working out in the gym helps you achieve your goals faster, but not all exercise has to be in the gym. You can do other things you enjoy that are active. Ride a bike, go swimming or hula hoop with the kids. If you hate running, don’t run!
  • Take your goal to a new level. You need both an exercise program and healthy eating to be your best. Embrace a healthier way of eating. We can help with our meal plans that are right on your phone. Each meal also has a shopping list.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you don’t reach your goal, give yourself another chance and never quit trying. You only fail when you quit completely. We can help you reach your goal with our personal training program.

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