Are Protein Supplements Effective?

If you’ve considered using protein supplements to build muscle or simply want a quick source of protein, you probably have questioned whether they’re a good investment or even if they can be dangerous. First, the answer depends on who is taking them. Some people take protein supplements to build more muscle tissue, but then fail to eat healthy, thinking the protein supplement was enough. Healthy eating should always be the first line of action for building muscle or balancing your diet.

Protein supplements can be beneficial for some people and dangerous for others.

Older people may not process protein as efficiently as younger people and have a more difficult time eating it. For them, protein supplementation may be important. Over supplementation can be dangerous, particularly for people with certain health conditions. The amount of protein you need varies. People who are active and do intense workouts to build muscle require more protein than a sedentary individual. Your weight and gender also determine the amount of protein you require.

You shouldn’t replace healthy eating with a supplement.

Some people are almost addicted to artificial nutrition, pills and special protein drinks to get their micro and macro nutrients. It’s not the right way to use supplements. The name indicates it supplements your diet, not replaces it. Healthy eating should be your first line of defense for a healthy body. When you supplement everything, you aren’t getting all the phytonutrients and natural fiber that you get from real food. You’re also missing out on one of the satisfactions in life, eating a meal you enjoy.

If you choose a protein supplement, do your homework.

Some people use a protein shake after a tough workout to help with recovery and boost muscle building. If you are using it occasionally, but not to replace your regular diet, it can be beneficial, as long as you don’t overdo it and make sure the supplement you use is pure. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, so use the evaluation of organizations like the NSF International. They ensure the product doesn’t contain toxic compounds like mercury or arsenic. If it passes, their designation of “Certified for Sports” will be on the label.

  • A protein shake after a workout may be easy to use, great when time is short and easy to transport, but it shouldn’t be used on a regular basis. A hard-boiled egg and crackers are quick, easy and can be made ahead.
  • Protein supplements include protein bars. Read the ingredients. Many of them are nothing more than glorified candy bars. Don’t overdo even healthy ones, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. They still contain calories.
  • Be aware that it’s possible to get too much protein. It can lead to blood vessel disorders, kidney failure liver disease, seizures and cardiovascular disease. Protein deficiency doesn’t often occur in developed nations.
  • Clean Label Project is another company that tests for contamination in protein supplements. It also tests the truth of the labeling to see if it has all the ingredients stated and no hazardous ingredients.

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