Balance Is Key

If you take classes or have a personal trainer at Liv Fitness in Dublin, CA, you’ll get a program that includes all types of workouts, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility training. Keeping a balance is key to being fit, since you need to be fit in all four areas. The older you get, the more you need training to improve your overall balance and help prevent falls. Luckily, the average person can do most of the balance enhancing exercises and it’s even boosted by strength and flexibility exercises. One study showed that taking a program of exercise could help lower the risk of falling by 37%, while reducing broken bones by 61% and serious injuries by 43%.

Strength training is what you typically think of when you hear the word gym.

If you immediately think of someone lifting a barbell when someone mentions a gym, you aren’t alone. Most people equate weights with a gym. Strength training can include weight machines, bodyweight exercises like push-ups, using resistance bands or simply lifting something heavy or carrying it. New mothers often do strength training without realizing it, by carrying their baby that grows, while the mother’s strength grows, as well. Strength training keeps muscle mass from dwindling or builds it. It helps keep bones strong and improves joint flexibility. It burns calories so it’s good for weight control. It’s also a benefit for balance since it builds muscle strength.

Flexibility training helps prevent injury.

Flexibility training increases your range of motion. It helps prevent back injuries or other injuries from doing something simple, like bending to pick up something from the floor. Tight muscles can cause you to move differently, putting stress on other muscles, which also can cause injury. It can help prevent or at least decrease muscle soreness when you have a tough workout, improve your posture and help keep you more relaxed and at ease.

Most people know that endurance—cardio—workouts make you breathe hard.

Most people immediately think of running when they hear cardio, but it’s not the only endurance exercise available. You can use a technique called high intensity interval training—HIIT—which varies the intensity from high intensity to recovery intensity. It gets your heart pounding, burns tons of calories and can be used with any type of exercise. Endurance workouts can get your circulation going, giving your cells the oxygen and nutrients they need. It can cause you to think clearer, look years younger, sleep better and have more energy.

  • Balance exercises make your core muscles work harder and improves neuromuscular coordination. It helps improve the muscles in the body and burns calories as it does.
  • Balancing your workout is important, but it’s also important to take it easier at first. Learn how to do each exercise correctly and prepare your body for a more vigorous workout. Increase the reps as you get fitter.
  • No matter what the type of exercise you choose, you’ll boost your confidence and self-image when you do it on a regular basis.
  • Many people combine exercises, pushing through circuit training with little rest for strength and endurance training or doing strength training for core muscles for balance training, too.

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