Best Gluten Free Foods For Dieting

Isn’t it amazing how science finds something new and suddenly it’s all the rage? For instance, when doctors finally realized that some people had issues with gluten, gluten-free options became the latest craze. Unfortunately, even though advertisers equate gluten-free with healthy, that’s not necessarily true. Many gluten free foods are actually loaded with calories, since brown rice flour, corn starch and other ingredients are used to give the texture of gluten. If you’re trying to lose weight, it may do just the opposite unless you chose carefully. Here are some gluten free foods for dieting that will help you reach your goal.

Look for snacks that are low in sugar and other additives.

Snack bars and other snacks made with ancient grains are healthy. In fact, there’s one that blends nuts, quinoa, flax seed, hemp seed and amaranth with vanilla goodness. It’s packed with protein and good for the heart. Other snacks that don’t have gluten are often made with fruit or fruit juice, using natural flavors and sugars of the fruit for sweetness.

The same rules are still in place, even if it’s gluten free.

If it’s high in calories, it’s probably not your best weight loss choice. One of the biggest problems that gluten free foods have is that they’re trying to mimic the taste of food with gluten. It’s similar to the problem manufacturers had when they removed fat. The food didn’t have the texture or the taste of food with fat. In both cases, to solve the problem, they added sugar and other not-so-healthy options. In the case of gluten free, it’s sometimes extra salt and fat. Go for foods that are naturally gluten free and don’t require extra processing. Choose options like veggies and hummus or popcorn for snacks. Opt for quinoa that’s naturally gluten free.

We offer meal plans that are designed for weight loss and are gluten free.

You won’t have to guess at whether it’s high in calories or gluten free, our meal plans are made specifically for your needs. Whether you want a vegetarian diet, gluten free, lactose intolerant or low carb, we offer meal plans designed specifically for you to help reach your fitness goals. We also have heart healthy plans, wheat sensitivity, Mediterranean and more. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone who has special needs and wants recipes that won’t pack on the pounds.

  • Instead of making sandwiches with bread, of any kind, make a lettuce wrap. Not only is the wrap gluten free, it’s super low in calories and tastes delicious.
  • Quinoa is often overlooked as a substitute for grains, yet it’s not only an excellent substitute, it’s also high in protein and can be a great meatless Monday meal.
  • How could you miss gluten when you have options like chipotle pepper-lime shrimp bake with potatoes? It includes broccolini, asparagus with chipotle pepper, cilantro and lime adding the spice. All these ingredients are naturally gluten free.
  • Peanut butter and apples are naturally gluten free and can be a delicious snack. Once you opt for more whole foods, you’ll realize that you have many options that are both gluten free and low in calories.

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