Best Workouts For A Flat Stomach

Workouts for a flat stomach target the abs and help tone the muscles. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how much you work those abs and core muscles or how toned they get, if the muscle is covered with a layer of fat, you won’t get the results you want. Even worse, visceral fat can make your abdomen large. Visceral fat is belly fat and the hardest to lose. It’s also the most dangerous since it crowds the organs.

Doing a plank can tone all your core muscles.

A plank is a relatively easy exercise to explain, but quite difficult to do. Because it’s tough, starting with a kneeling plank is best. The starting position for both the kneeling plank and traditional plank are similar for their counterparts the kneeling push-up and traditional push-up, except the body rests on the forearm in the kneeling plank. For a full plank, the weight of your body should be on the palms of your hands and your toes with your body straight. Hold the position as long as you can and increase it as you get stronger.

Try a simple yoga pose called Navasana.

The Navasana is a combination of leg lifts and sit ups and works your abdominals, getting them into shape quickly. Sit on the floor with your knees bent slightly. Slowly lean back until your upper body is at a 70 to 75 degree angle to the floor. As you do that, push your feet forward and upward until your upper body and lower body form a V. Stretch your arms forward until they’re parallel to the floor with your palms facing each other. Squeeze your abs as tight as you can and hold that position. Make sure you keep your stomach flat and tight while you’re doing it.

Getting a flat stomach can be fun.

It’s spring and the perfect time to start riding your bike. If you’re not ready for the great outdoors or simply don’t have a safe bike path, a stationary bike will work as well. The pedaling action can flatten your stomach. If neither one is possible or you just want a change of pace, lay on your back and pedal in the air. Bicycle exercises, where you bring one knee toward you as the other leg extends, have an additional benefit. As you pedal, you lift your body and touch your elbow to the opposite knee that’s in bent position, working even more muscles and working them differently.

  • If you want a flat belly, remember, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. We can help you with diets that will help you lose weight, including belly fat. You’ll find healthy eating can be delicious.
  • Practice good posture. You can immediately look like you lost five pounds and lose inches around your belly when you stand tall and sit tall.
  • If you want to burn more calories, to help reduce the belly fat, try jumping rope or other endurance workouts or lifting weights or strength building exercises.
  • Try to eliminate stress in your life. That’s not always possible, so lowering your stress levels with regular exercise, breathing techniques or meditation can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is linked to belly fat.

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