Does Stretching Burn Calories?

Do you want to lose weight and focus on what exercises can help you reach that goal? It’s a natural reaction, but don’t give up stretching just because you don’t think it will burn calories. No matter what workout or movement you do, it burns more calories than you would laying on the couch and stretching plays an important role in fitness. Stretching can help warm the body and get it ready for a workout, improve flexibility to prevent injury and cool down your body after an intense workout.

The number of calories you burn depends on the type of stretching.

If you’re thinking about just static stretching, like touching your toes, where you stretch and hold, you are only seeing half the picture. Dynamic stretches are quite different. Lunges and high knee marching or hugs are examples of this type of stretching. They’re normally done to stretch and warm the particular muscle groups used as a warm up for an intense workout or an athletic event. These types of stretches are more like calisthenics and burn about 150 calories a half hour.

If you’re doing yoga or that type of stretching, it all depends on intensity.

When people think of a stretching session, they often think of yoga, since the various poses often require stretching. If you’re doing a slower, more focused type of yoga where you pose and hold, of course you’ll burn fewer calories than a session where you’re more active. Besides other benefits, such increasing circulation and improving flexibility, slow stretching and breathing techniques can increase mindfulness, which also helps you eat less if weight loss is a goal.

Stretching isn’t the best calorie burner, but it’s important.

Besides preventing injuries that can keep you on the bench and away from the gym, stretching also provides other benefits and is a necessary part of your workout program. It helps improve your posture, which not only makes you look thinner, helps prevent back pain and improves both digestion and breathing. You’ll move more gracefully when you include stretching in your workout, which gives you a more youthful appearance. Stretching can take a lot of the groaning about aches and pains out of your day.

  • Stretching doesn’t have to take a long time and you can even do some stretches at your desk. It can help clear your head as it increases circulation and make you more efficient during the day.
  • The increased circulation that occurs when you stretch also increases muscle growth. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so it can help boost metabolism over the long haul.
  • Since stretching helps reduce muscle pain and tension, it can help you move with more ease. The easier it is to move without stiffness and pain, the more you will move. That means you’ll burn more calories at other times.
  • While stretching doesn’t burn the most calories, it’s important for your exercise program. Warm-up stretching prepares the body for a workout so you can work harder. Stretching throughout the day can help you stay more active and keep you safer from injury.

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