Exercises To Make You Better In Bed

I have clients from all over the world, besides just Dublin, CA. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, they love the side effect of a better sex life that comes when they workout regularly. It’s true, exercise boosts your sexuality. Part of the reason is that you simply feel better about yourself and even feel sexier. However, strengthening muscles for endurance and performance also boosts your sexuality and provides more pleasure during sex. There are exercises to make you better in bed, while also boosting your overall fitness.

Men might be surprised to find that strength building exercises can boost their sex life.

Whether you’re lifting weights or doing other strength building exercises, you’ll be boosting your testosterone, which gives your sexual drive a real lift. If you want a higher testosterone level, start lifting weights and make it heavy enough that you’ll be lifting to failure by the 10th repetition. Include some body weight exercises like pushups to build the chest, ab and shoulder or sit-ups and crunches. You’ll need that extra upper body strength to perform well during relations.

Both men and women benefit from kegels and you can do them anywhere.

For years, women have known that kegel exercises boost not only their enjoyment of sex, but also their partners, by making their vagina feel tighter. It also helps prevent incontinence and other problems caused by a weak pelvic floor. It’s simple to do. First, identify the muscles you need to tighten by trying to interrupt your urine midstream. The muscles that are trying to shut down the flow are the ones you’ll be tightening. Once you’ve identified them, all you have to do is tighten and hold, then relax and tighten again. Doing it many times throughout the day can build muscle strength. Men can do kegel exercises, too. You identify the muscles the same way, tighten, hold for ten seconds and relax. Do it throughout the day. It can help you delay ejaculation by simply contracting the muscles before orgasm occurs.

Build your core strength for better sex.

Whether you’re doing planks or a glute bridge, working on abs and glutes can improve your sex life, providing more power for thrusting and giving you the energy to keep on going, while enjoying every minute. The plank is one of the easiest to master and progressively make more difficult. As a beginner, you can start with a bent knee push up position. Raise your body keeping it arms straight and hold. It exercises your back, hips, legs, abs and shoulders. It’s one of the most versatile exercises with various gradations of difficulty.

  • Doing yoga poses can help improve your sex life, especially if you do the right ones. Try doing these six as part of your workout. Start with the cat pose that’s combined with the cow, go to the bridge, happy baby, one-legged pigeon, child pose and end with the corpse pose.
  • Getting rid of stress will definitely help you get into the mood. After all, even though exercises can help you perform better, sexual desire begins in the brain. Plan a hard workout, run together or learn to meditate to help eliminate stress.
  • Exercise is good, but so is a healthy diet. Foods that can help you perform better include: Figs, bananas, avocados, chocolate, basil and even garlic. If you’re adding garlic, make sure both partners eat it.
  • Many of our clients find that working out together can not only bring more intimacy to the bedroom, add to the romance and heighten the sexual fervor. Shared interest and healthy partners make great lovers.

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