How To Make Time For Workouts When You Don’t Have Any Time?

At LIV Fitness, in Dublin, CA, we help you make time for workouts by offering 24/7 service, but people still find it hard to find the time to add a workout to their schedule. The US Department of Health and Human Services advises adults to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week or 75 minutes of more intense activity. That urging is obviously ignored when you consider that 80% of the American population doesn’t meet that requirement. Most people say they don’t have enough time, so one solution is to get up earlier and workout in the morning. Not only will working out for 30 minutes every morning get you into a consistent habit, it boosts your metabolism.

Make an appointment with fitness.

One of the biggest reasons getting up early actually works is that there are few distractions to sidetrack you that early in the day. You can get the same results by making your workout an appointment with the gym. Put it in your planner, on your daily calendar, make a reminder to go off in your phone. Do the same things you would do with any important appointment. If you have to schedule another appointment, that time is already taken, just as it would be with any other appointment. Make working out a priority appointment.

Break your workout down to short ten minute sessions.

While this type of workout program is best if you’re working from home, it’s still effective. If you know your schedule is super crowded, add three separate ten-minute workouts between other tasks. Not only will it help you get moving more often during the day, it’s just as effective as a solid 30-minute workout. When you’re working in an office, either close your office door and do some calisthenics or take your break tackling a few flights of steps. Walk to lunch, ride a bike to and from work or do some serious power walking while you’re waiting for the kids at basketball practice.

Pack two bags of workout clothes.

Always have your gym bag and workout clothes with you, so you’re ready to workout and won’t cancel because you left it at home. You may already be driving around with your gym bag and workout clothes in your car, but what about those days you take the clothes inside to wash? That’s why having a second bag ready. Carry not one but two bags with you at all times. One is the emergency bag for those days you forget to replace the bag after you’ve washed your gym clothes.

  • Keep your goal in front of you and conquer your mindset. View exercise as something you love, because it ultimately makes you feel better, not another chore. Make it your special time for yourself.
  • Watching TV can be an opportunity to exercise. Have a list of exercises you can do without disturbing the whole family. Planks, lunges, crunches and squats still allow you to watch, but you’ll be doing it more actively.
  • Cut down the amount of time you spend by doing HIIT—high intensity interval training—or other high intensity workouts. Studies show that shorter HIIT workouts are as effective as longer steady state workouts.
  • Eat healthy, get adequate sleep and hydrate regularly. Those things will help you have more energy to have a more productive workout when you’re at the gym. You also won’t feel too tired to workout.

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