How To Safely Workout In The Heat

For most people it’s a no-brainer. If you want to safely workout in the heat, do your workout in an air-conditioned gym. But when the weather is warm and the sun is high in the sky, outside activities beckon you and those need to be done safely, too. While exposure to the sun a few days a week for up to 20 minutes is important for vitamin D production, more than that can lead to skin damage, which could lead to cancer. The first rule of safety is to apply sunscreen and the second is to avoid the midday sun.

I can’t emphasize it enough, STAY HYDRATED!

If you insist on working out in the heat, keep a bottle of water with you at all times. It’s easy to get dehydrated from sweating. Do you hate water? Maybe it’s time for some infused water. If you’re doing a tough workout in the heat, a sports drink may be necessary to replenish your electrolytes. Know the signs of dehydration. If you’re feeling dizzy, have an increased heart rate or have a headache, you need to be alert to the possibility of dehydration. One sure way to determine the amount of fluid in your system is by the color of your urine. If it’s a dark straw color, you may have a problem. If it’s light yellow, almost clear, you’re still adequately hydrated.

Dress appropriately.

Make sure you wear clothing that breathes. It should be light-colored, light-weight and made of wicking material. Even if you hate how your legs look, shorts and a lightweight tank top that are looser-fitting should be part of your exercise gear for hot weather. It allows for circulation. Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays if you’re out in the sun and sun-screen or sun-block. Sunglasses help protect your eyes. The UV rays can lead to eye disease, such as cancer or cataracts.

Don’t go directly from air conditioning to the heat and start working out.

You always need to warm up, bur on a hot day, it’s even more important. Start slowly and when you finish, cool down. If you normally workout in air conditioning and spend little time in the heat, take it easy. Let your body slowly acclimate to working out in the heat. Make your first few outside workouts shorter and build on the time spent outside. Finish your workouts inside air conditioning. As you acclimate, do more of your workout outside.

  • If you’re exercising early in the morning or later at night, stay safe by wearing clothing that has reflective material. Make sure you let someone know your path if you’re running or run with a friend for safety.
  • Check the weather forecast. It’s more than just the actual temperature, it’s the heat index, too. The heat index combines the humidity and temperature. If it’s above 80, you’re putting yourself at risk for a heat-related condition.
  • High temperatures can cause more than just dehydration and associated heat cramps and heat exhaustion. It can cause heat stroke, which occurs when your temperature regulating system fails to work. It requires immediate first aid.
  • If you still want to workout outsides when it’s hot, find a shady area to do that. Trees can bring down the temperature approximately 4 degrees. Exercising on asphalt or concrete actually intensifies the heat.

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