Is Bone Marrow Healthy?

If you aren’t aware of the latest trend to healthy eating, many of the parts of plants and animal meats that were once discarded are now being eaten. Bone marrow is one of those discards that was once considered trash and is now a treasure for foodies and health enthusiasts alike. It’s the soft part in the center of bones. I’ve always been a huge proponent of bone broth, another way to get the benefits of bone marrow, but have recently found that people swear by the delicious flavor of the bone marrow in roasted bones. It’s used as a spread, much like you’d use butter, spread on potatoes, meat or used to cook an egg in the morning for extra flavor. Some societies consider marrow a delicacy.

Take it from Queen Victoria who ate bone broth every day.

Even though Queen Victoria was no fitness nut and never probably jogged or lifted weights, who lived to be 81, during a time when the average life expectancy was from 38 to 44. Was her secret weapon bone marrow? We’ll never know for sure. She certainly would never be considered thin and fit by today’s standards.

Aside from being a queen’s favorite, bone marrow has many benefits.

Bone marrow is a collection of stem cells that become blood cells and boast a lot of nutrition, plus great taste. They’re high in protein, but also good fat. That healthy fat in bone marrow has a hormone, adiponectin, which regulates insulin, lowers the risk of diabetes, aids digestion and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. When eaten, the stem cells become red blood cells and white blood cells, to boost cell regeneration and improve immunity.

Some studies show that bone marrow has more nutrients than the meat itself.

There’s more calcium in bone marrow and some studies show it has more vitamins and other minerals than the meat we eat, yet it’s often discarded. It offers collagen that cause antioxidants to release in the body and those can even help slow the process of skin aging. You might start rethinking giving that bone to the dog after a meal and even fight Rover for the right to the marrow.

  • The adipose tissues in bone marrow used to be associated with negative effects on health, but recent studies show that it has benefits, especially during calorie restriction.
  • Consuming bone marrow can help joint health. That collagen in bone marrow helps more than just the skin. It helps the joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.
  • The jelly like consistency that occurs to bone broth when cooked is called gelatin. Gelatin helps weight loss, digestion, appetite suppression, brain function and insomnia.
  • It helps fight inflammation and promotes a healthier digestive tract. If you’re not quite ready for bone marrow, try bone broth instead. It’s flavorful and can add improved taste and nutrition to soups.

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