Is There Gym Etiquette?

If you’re a newbie who’s at the gym for the first time, you’ll feel more at ease if you learn gym etiquette. Learning what’s okay and not okay can make your first visit a lot more comfortable. You’ll know you aren’t breaking unwritten rules. These rules are universal, whether that gym is in Dublin, CA or anywhere in the world. Since nobody really wants to anger the people who regularly attend the gym on their first day there, learning these unwritten rules will help avoid social blunders.

Learn the rules of the gym and use the equipment appropriately and safely.

Some rules will be common sense, like not tampering with fire extinguishers or behaving in a violent manner. However, there are some rules that may vary. Are shoes required when training or can you opt to train barefooted? Is chalk allowed when doing deadlifts or pull-ups? In that group of rules, you’ll probably notice that using the equipment appropriately is listed. If you aren’t sure how to use it, ask for help. Don’t forget about having a spotter, either.

Clean up after yourself.

There’s nothing worse than going to a station and seeing a massive amount of someone else’s sweat that you have to wipe up. Seriously, it’s not your sweat. Do you really want to tackle it? The pandemic has been a teacher in one way. It’s made everyone more aware of wiping the sweat off equipment and leaving it clean for the next person. It’s more than just wiping down equipment, it’s putting things back in their place. If you used dumbbells, don’t just let them lay when you’re done, put them back on the rack.

Don’t hog the equipment and make sure someone isn’t using it before you commandeer it.

If you’re just sitting on a stationary bike and checking messages, you’re hogging equipment. Some gyms don’t even allow phones in the gym. It interferes with focus. If you want to use a bench or squat rack, for instance, make sure it’s not already in use. Signs that its being used might include a towel on it. If it’s barbells or dumbbells on the floor, ask people close by if they’re using it. That is also one reason you should also put things back in their place. People often don’t know if it’s left on the floor whether it’s still being used or free. That interferes with their time at the gym.

  • If you’re just beginning and you need a long break between machines, let others go ahead of you. If you’re taking a break between sets, share the machine by letting a member work in. They workout a set while you recover and visa versa.
  • If you’re doing supersets, do it courteously. You’re basically using two pieces of equipment at once. Make sure the equipment is close to each other. If the gym is crowded, either skip the supersets.
  • Make sure you focus on personal hygiene. Nobody wants to work out next to a smelly person. Wash your gym clothes after each workout and shower before and after if it’s necessary. Don’t wear heavy scents or perfumes that can cause distress to those near you.
  • Keep appropriate distancing in the gym. It’s especially true if someone is lifting. Also stay out of their line of sight and leave them alone if they’re ready to lift, so they can maintain focus.

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