Prime Workout Time

I get a lot of questions about the prime workout time and when is working out most effective. It’s a good question to ask before you start your workout program, since you’ll want to always workout at the same time each day. The reason you do that is to make it a habit and habits are hard to break, so you have a better chance of success. There are scientific studies that show exercising the first thing is the morning, but also other studies that show lunchtime or evening is best. What’s the right answer?

The benefits of working out in the morning are many.

Probably one of the biggest benefits is that you’ll get the workout out of the way and no matter how busy your schedule is, you won’t have to worry about daily interruptions. Studies also show that when you workout in the morning, you’re working out on an empty stomach and be more likely to burn fat, which trains your body to burn fat more efficiently. However, in order to avoid burning muscle tissue, drink a protein shake a half hour before you workout.

There’s a myth that you shouldn’t workout at bedtime.

The later in the day you workout, the more you should worry about insomnia, according to earlier studies. The belief was that you boosted your circulation and that could interfere with sleep. That’s not necessarily true according to new studies. In fact, newer studies show that your muscles may be functioning better the later you workout, since you’ve had time to warm them through everyday activities.

The best time to workout is when you will have time to workout regularly.

No matter how great working out in the morning may be, if you’re not a morning person, no matter how determined you are, it probably won’t happen. If your day is hectic and filled with twists and turns, with your schedule changing every half hour, working out at lunch or after work are options that won’t work for you. You may get off work too late or not have time for lunch or your workout. Find a time that works for you.

  • If you have a flexible schedule and don’t worry about sticking with the time you’ve chosen, the later in the day you workout, the better. The more active you are, the higher your core temperature and the more flexible you are.
  • One study shows that working out at lunch or in the early afternoon may be best. Your hormones for building muscles are peak at that time.
  • No matter what time you workout, don’t eat a big meal before you workout. In other words, don’t rush to workout right after supper, give your stomach some time to process the meal or you could get sick.
  • No matter when you workout, put it in your schedule and treat it like an appointment right from the start. That makes it more important in your mind and reminds you when you’re making other appointments.

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