Quick Exercises For Inner Thighs

If you’re so self-conscious about your thighs that you won’t wear shorts and definitely avoid corduroy, it’s time to do some quick exercises for inner thighs. The muscles in the inner thighs are adductors and are forgotten by many people who workout on their own. They help keep your core and legs stable. You’ll look fabulous in jeans, shorts, and swimwear when you tone these muscles. Most exercises that work the adductors also work other muscles in the legs.

You’ve lost weight but still have the jiggle.

You now have a curvier body since you lost that weight, but you need to tone it so you look your best. If you’ve ignored your inner thighs before, it’s time for an update to your routine. Start with the inner thigh raise. Lay on your side, with your hips on the ground propping your upper body up on your elbow, placing your other hand in front to balance yourself. Bend the leg on top at the knee and put the foot flat on the floor behind the lower leg that remains straight. Slowly raise your lower leg two inches, hold and then, lower it.

Squats are great for toning all leg muscles and you can modify them to target the inner thighs.

You won’t see any jiggle on the legs of a ballerina. They normally have beautiful legs. One warm-up exercise ballerinas do that targets the inner thighs is the plie. It’s a type of squat that has a wider stance and with feet pointed outward. As with any squat, tuck in your backside as you lower your body, emulating sitting. Keep your knees right above the ankles. Lower your body and raise it. If you want to get fancy, after you raise your body, try to go up onto your toes.

Do you want exercises you can do anywhere, even when waiting in line?

Some exercises that don’t require a lot of movement. Stand with your feet wider apart, as you would for the plie squat. Drive your feet down into the ground, as though you’re attempting to hold ground. At the same time, try to pull your legs together. You can do a similar exercise while sitting or use your hands to provide resistance. Just hold your thighs apart with your hands as you use your adductor muscles to pull your legs together.

  • You can use resistance bands to work the inner thigh. Loop a band around both legs right above the knee. Do a clamshell, squat or lateral walk to work the inner thighs.
  • Do lateral lunges. Lateral lunges work more than just the inner thighs, they work the outer thighs, hamstrings, and glutes. Start with feet hip-width and step one foot to the side as wide as possible and move to a squat position, then back up, rocking from side to side.
  • A playground ball can be a tool if you want to tighten the inner thighs. Place it between your knees and squeeze. Relax the muscles, then squeeze again.
  • Our trainers can help you tone your thighs and the rest of your body, as well. Always check with your healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program.

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