Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Your Health

LIV Fitness in Dublin, CA, provides the best environment for people who want to get fit. Exercise is good for your health, so a program of regular exercise is important. Why is it important and just what does it do for the body? One of the first things it can do for you is help maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is now the leading cause of preventable deaths. It does that by turning stored energy, in the form of fat, into energy to move your muscles.

Exercise can keep you looking younger and help children build stronger bodies.

Keeping physically active used to be easy for children, but today, like many adults, free time is spent in front of a screen. Using a half hour to an hour a day for more active pursuits can make a huge difference. Your body is more than your organs and skin. It has a microbiome—colonies of microbes—which help all the systems. It offers stem cells that can become any type of cell when needed and it also has functions in place to protect the DNA. It’s a marvelous machine and exercise plays a role in all those things.

Your microbiome and stem cells benefit from regular exercise.

You might not even think about your microbiome, unless a round of antibiotics upset your digestion. It’s the microbes that are found on the skin and in all parts of the body, but especially in the digestive system. The microbes help digest food and provide enzymes that trigger many functions in the body, including altering your mood. You may have heard of stem cells, but though only of fetal cells, when in reality, even adults produce stem cells. Exercise helps produce more beneficial microbes, while also boosting the production of stem cells to help repair the body.

Exercise can help improve muscle mass.

Around the age of 35, most people start losing muscle mass. Strong muscles are important for energy and to maintain bone health. The muscles tug on the bones, which causes the bones to intake more calcium to remain stronger. That helps prevent osteoporosis. While estrogen can also improve bone health, after menopause, the amount in the body reduces, making post-menopausal women more prone to the condition. Maintaining muscle mass is also important to prevent injury from falls and maintain independent living.

  • You’ll reduce the risk of diabetes when you workout. Studies show that doing strength training for four months not only lowers body fat and builds muscle tissue, but it also helps regulate blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Exercise can help you deal with painful issues and even eliminate pain. Whether it’s back pain or arthritis, exercising can help reduce the pain. In cases of back pain, it’s one of the go-to treatments.
  • Exercise protects the cells. Your DNA has its own protection that keeps it from unraveling called telomeres. They work like the aglet on shoelaces. Exercise helps make the telomeres longer, allowing it to replicate more.
  • Your posture plays an important role in overall health. Poor posture can cause difficulty breathing, back pain and even acid reflux. Exercise helps improve your posture and gives you a more confident appearance.

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