Should I Push Myself Or Pace Myself?

You’ll get a personalized program at LIV Fitness in Dublin, CA. That means whether you need a push or should slow it down to a pace that’s less aggressive, all depends on you and your needs. Not everyone should have a program that pampers them or one that pushes your body to its maximum. How much is too much and how easy is pampering? You do have to work hard, but if you’re completely out of shape, that can be what others might consider pacing it.

Doing something is far better than doing nothing, but are you getting the results you want?

If you’re working out without breaking a sweat, maybe you haven’t worked hard enough. The body has to work hard to build endurance and strength. It helps you to get into better shape. If you’re still doing the same exercises at the same intensity you did months ago, maybe it’s time to reconsider and push yourself more. Switch up your workout or simply do a new routine periodically. Your body becomes efficient at doing the same thing repeatedly and doesn’t have to work as hard, so it burns fewer calories.

Maybe you should take it easier if you feel the signs of stress.

Exercise relieves stress by burning off the hormones stress creates, but it also creates stress for the body. It can cause micro tears in the muscles, which in turn allows them to build. It takes time for those muscles to repair. It can suppress the immune system for up to 72-hours. If you’re working out hard, doing strength training every day, you’re not giving your muscles a chance to heal and grow. Whether you have to pace yourself due to physical limitations or are healthy, but want to maximize the benefits of the workout, give your body a chance to rest and heal.

Look for signs you’re slacking off a bit.

Can you talk while you workout? Can you sing? Those are clues you aren’t working at your maximum. If you’re pushing yourself, you should be able to get a few words out, but not a oratory or song. The U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion office put out one test that describes effort best. If you can say more than just a few gasping words and don’t feel like you need a break, push yourself a little harder. If you end the exercise feeling like you could have done more, maybe you should have.

  • You shouldn’t have sore muscles every time you workout, but your muscles should be reminding you that you went to the gym. Don’t push until you have pain, but the mild soreness in the muscles is a badge that you’ve worked hard.
  • If you have a heart rate monitor, a heart rate less than 64 % of maximum while you’re working out is taking it too easy. Between 64 and 76 is moderate and 76 to 85 is really exerting yourself. Seniors and people with health issues should avoid going above 76 percent.
  • Taking it easier and pacing yourself, especially if you are old, have health issues or are completely out of shape, doesn’t mean you have to keep the same pace forever. As you get fitter, you can push yourself harder.
  • We pride ourselves on making your workout right for you and provide a variety of aids to help you recover, to make your road to fitness easier.

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