Strength Training With Common Household Items

Even though we make it easier, by staying open 24/7, clients at LIV Fitness in Dublin, CA, can’t always make come to the gym to workout, and when that happens, they workout at home. While cardio training and flexibility training are easier to achieve, such as doing stretches or running, strength training is far more difficult, because most people rely on weights. You don’t have to change your workout schedule or eliminate strength training entirely when you’re at home. You can use household items you have available to accomplish the task.

You surely have a sturdy chair or a coffee table at home.

Most people have either one or both of these items. They can be used at home or even in the office—-as long as the chair doesn’t have rollers. Use either one to do push-up inspired dips. In the case of dips, it’s about the placement of your hands. Start on your knees and grasp the edge of the chair with your fingers pointing down under the chair and thumbs on top of the seat. Straighten your body and arms to a modified push up position at an angle with the floor. Slowly lower your body, bending at the elbow, until your head almost touches the chair, then raise your body back up.

Lift something heavy.

What are weights? Nothing but something compact and heavy that allows you to grip easily and lift. The handles of a grocery bag filled with groceries, like canned goods. Think backpack, kitty litter bucket or large purse. If you want a barbell, you probably have a broomstick somewhere that is attached to a dust mop and unscrews or sturdy pipe or curtain rod. Fill two backpacks with heavy cans and put them on the end of the broomstick for your barbell workout.

Everyone has a strength training tool that’s with them everywhere they go.

You don’t need equipment for bodyweight workouts, you just need to know the proper form. One of the personal trainers can help you with form and also create a bodyweight workout that will include strength training or using household items as weights if you find you have to workout at home occasionally. You’ll learn the right way to do the workout with a pro and be ready for anything life throws at you.

  • If you want to spend a small amount for home equipment that you can store easily, consider getting resistance bands. While you have to work harder to build bigger muscles, they’re great in a pinch when you can’t make it to the gym.
  • You don’t need small weights if you have water bottles or large weights if you have a detergent bottle or other bottle with a handle. Just fill them with sand or water and fill it more as you get fitter.
  • If you want to build core strength and upper body strength, lift something heavy and do it often. The more difficult it is to grasp, such as the biggest size bag of cat food, the more it works the core muscles that keep your body balanced.
  • Consistency is important, so if you can’t make it into the gym at your normal time or any other time that day, do your workout at home at your normal workout time. Schedule your workout and stick with your schedule.

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