What Exercises Burn Stomach Fat?

Everyone wants that six-pack look or the perfect flat stomach. In fact, you’ll find all types of exercises and workouts on the internet that claim to burn stomach fat, but the truth is, you can’t just burn fat in one area, it comes off the entire body. No matter how many exercises you do to tone your abs, if you still have a layer of fat covering them, nobody will see the work you’ve done. In order to burn belly fat, you have to burn fat all over your body.

Compound exercises and full body workouts burn tons of calories.

You lose fat when you eat fewer calories than you burn. Compound exercises and those that work the entire body burn more calories. The key is to burn calories from fat and build muscle tissue at the same time. Since compound exercises, ones that use several groups of muscles and joints, burn more calories, those are the ones that will get you to a flat stomach faster. A few compound exercises are squats, push-ups, burpees and planks.

Some exercises build your abs and burn tons of calories.

Consider exercises like the bicycle crunch. Not only does it tone abdominal muscles, it is tough and burns lots of calories. You lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your upper body as you bring your left knee toward your head, while bringing your right elbow to your left knee and then lowering your upper body back, but not touching the floor. Then bring the left elbow forward to touch the right knee. It’s a pedaling action combined with lifting and holding the upper body as your elbow crosses your body. It burns tons of calories and builds those abs.

HIIT workouts not only burn calories when you do them, but long after.

HIIT workouts aren’t a specific type of workout, but a specific way to do any type of workout. It involves working out at top intensity for a few minutes and then lowering the intensity to a recovery period for a few minutes, then back up to high intensity and so on. Alternating between intensities not only burns tons of calories while you’re doing the exercise, it causes afterburn, which boosts your metabolism for up to 48 hours. You can do it with any type of exercise from bodyweight workouts to walking.

  • What you eat is ultimately makes the real difference. No matter how hard you workout or what exercise you do, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Eating healthier is one key to attaining a flat stomach and getting rid of belly fat.
  • Kettlebells work the whole body, strengthen core muscles and burn tons of calories. Not only are these exercise effective, they’re fun.
  • One highly overlooked exercise to strengthen abs and burn calories is simple. It’s called a plank. It builds core muscles and requires you hold position. You can do it while watching TV.
  • Riding a bike, whether it’s outside or on a stationary bike is a great exercise for burning fat and building ab muscles. Dublin has bike rentals and could be a great way to get exercise riding to work or shopping, while reducing the carbon footprint.

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