Why You Need A Workout Buddy

If you’re working out with a workout buddy, you’ll get at least one of the benefits you get with a trainer. You make a commitment to that person that you’re going to workout that day, just as you do with a trainer. You’re held accountable by the person you’re supposed to meet and that means on those days when you’d rather not go, you’re more apt to show up for a workout than you would be otherwise. In fact, one study found that if someone was just phoned once every two weeks to check on the progress of exercise, they were 78% more apt to exercise.

A workout buddy knows what you’re doing and how hard you’re working.

It’s only human nature to workout harder if someone is watching. While you may feel like cutting corners and taking it easier, a workout buddy watching you discourages it. Some people find that there’s lots of friendly competition when they workout with a pal. You might feel exhausted, but do one more push-up just to keep up with your exercise partner, or to surpass their accomplishment.

People are more prone to try something more complicated if they are working out with a friend.

Two heads are better than one when it comes to working out. If you’ve considered using kettlebells, but were too intimidated, taking training with a friend might make it easier. Trying free weights for the first time is far easier when you have a friend learning, too. Sometimes, each person has a bit of knowledge, but not enough to forge ahead. When you combine your knowledge with that of your workout buddy, you’re armed with more information.

A workout buddy has your back and you’ll exercise safer.

When you’re using weights, you’re better off if you have a spotter, especially a spotter you can trust. Workout pals do more than just that to help. They can see how you’re performing an exercise and help you correct your form. For those who run, a fellow jogger or runner is extremely important, particularly if you’re running in the morning before it gets light. When there are two of you, if one is injured or has a medical situation, the other can go for help.

  • Workout buddies don’t have to stick with just helping you stick with a workout. They can help you stick with a plan of healthy eating, too. They can provide encouragement and support.
  • Workout partners tend to push each other and find ways to up the ante at a workout. It may be something as simple as doing more reps or more complicated, like changing the workout entirely.
  • Let’s face it, working out alone can be boring. Exercising with someone else, especially if they’re a friend, can make it far more fun. You tend to do things you enjoy.
  • Having the support of a friend when you’re in need of encouragement or someone that knows what an accomplishment you made achieving a goal is another benefit of a workout buddy.

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